How To Shoot HDR Photos & Storm Clouds

How To Shoot HDR Photos & Storm Clouds Photographing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images is growing in popularity due to the richness of the images. A standard image does not capture as much information as our eyes are capable of capturing and that is where HDR finds its usefulness. HDR photography is the capture of […]

7 Types Of DSLR Lenses & Filters And Their Uses

Types Of DSLR Lenses And Their Uses Photographic lenses can be incredibly confusing when you first get into photography. The excitement of being able to use different lenses is often replaced with the confusion of which lens is right for the type of photography you want to do. In some cases, the name of the […]

How To Photograph Sports

How To Photograph Sports Sports photography has the potential to be incredibly hard if you do not have the right equipment and reflexes. However, there is nothing more rewarding than capturing that one perfect picture. The problem that most people run into with sports photography is catching the action. As a sports photographer you need […]

How To Do Landscape Photography

How To Do Landscape Photography Taking digital photographs of landscapes is rewarding and often peaceful for those who follow this practice. Very few people are able to make a good living photographing landscapes but those who do, often change the world with their images. For example, think of those who take photos for National Geographic […]

How To Take Low Light Photos Without A Flash

How To Take Low Light Photos Without A Flash There are a number of reasons why you may need to take photographs in a low-light situation. One of the biggest situations is wedding photography as there a number of churches that do not allow flash photography during the ceremony. Low-light photography requires a sensitive camera, […]

How To Photograph Portraits

Capturing great portraits has more to do with the setting than the subject does and there are dozens of ways to get the right setting. The right equipment is subjective and depends more on where you will be taking the picture. For example, a beautiful outdoor portrait can be achieved with a good background, an […]

How To Shoot Beach Photography & Seascapes

How to Photograph Beaches Photographing beaches typically ends up being a high-contrast situation. That being said, taking digital photographs of beaches usually creates some very dynamic and engaging images. One of the keys to making a beach photograph work for you and your audience is to change your perspective on the beach. When you think […]

6 Quick Tips For Forest Photography

Forest photography is a monster of a feat to undertake. In the forest, you are exposed to an environment and animals that can be dangerous. In preparing for your trip, it is important to consider where you will be going, what you will be photographing, and how you will get in and out of the […]

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